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Cursed into Womanhood

Published by Gregor Daniels at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Gregor Daniels

For ADULTS Only. All Characters Over 18.

"Go long!"

Mike Matthews stepped back, dancing on his feet as one invisible lineman missed a tackle. He dodged to the left while staying inside the pocket, shifting back and forth to avoid hands grabbing at his jersey. The receiver was running to the outside and about as far as his throwing arm could manage. Without any other man open, he'd have to release the ball now and take a chance, or suffer a sure loss in yardage.

The football spiraled through the air, flying higher than the houses on the other side of the street. The brown leather glimmered in the sunlight, making the soaring object look more like a shooting star or a comet traveling through the air. It stayed aloft for only a few seconds until it landed in the open arms of a diving man fifty yards away.

"Touchdown!" Bo Thompson stood up from the grass and wiped the dirty blades from his shirt, while the other hand held up the football high in the air.

It was a late Friday afternoon, and the two young men were the only students left on the school's practice field. It was unannounced tradition that they both stayed well after the final bell to throw around the football while the season was still in full swing. Mike Matthews' reputation as quarterback was known through the surrounding counties, and his abilities were being noticed by all of the top state colleges. Things were looking up for the man who was currently leading his team into a divisional championship. They were undefeated, and looked poised to hoist the trophy at the end of the season.

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