"Systematically Impoverished: How Weak Politicians in Washington and Wall Street have Bankrupted the Middle Class"

Brent Waterbury

Published by Brent Waterbury at Smashwords

Copyright 2013


One doesn't need a telescope on the top of Mt. Palomar to see the issues that confront us every day--corporate greed, Washington's lack of oversight and workers working 40-50 hours a week just to stay afloat in addition to massive unemployment and debt among Generation Y. What is more astounding is this disparity is not that old--just a crummy 30 years. How can a formally very sound economy from the Clinton era literally tank to the one we all live in today?? There are several big reasons but the most prominent is Wall St. with its over-emphasis on profits and its shareholder mentality.

When I was back in college I worked for 100's of different corporations both large and small as an office temp. Often it was grueling work but I knew I was in the 'belly of the beast' as I got to be on all floors of corporations, always talked to the higher ups and got a distinct feel of 'corporate speak' which was like a new language. What that taught me was how much I didn't want to work for a corporation! Too stodgy and they always seemed to be crunching #'s rather than dealing with people personally. But at least it did begin an interest in economics which has stayed with me the last 20 years or so.

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