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The Eagle Society

Jack W. Boone

Copyright 2010 Jack W. Boone

Smashwords Edition




It was a bright, beautiful Monday morning in Washington, D.C. and FBI Agent Casey Duke had just arrived at his office. He was sipping hot coffee while looking at a long paper chart spread across his desk. His job was to monitor the Gueseppi crime family of New York. There was always something to add to the chart every Monday because weekends were especially active times for the mobs.

Every few inches along the chart, a short line extended perpendicular to a long center-line running the length of the paper. At the end of each short line was the name of a particular section of the families criminal activity. The names were Extortion, Prostitution, Labor Unions, Gambling, Loan Sharking, Graft, Theft, Narcotics, Cigarettes, Whiskey, Money Laundering, Shakedowns, Enforcers and Miscellaneous Crimes of Opportunity. Opposite each of these were the names of the family specialists in that particular criminal area. A few names had asterisks beside them, showing that they were in jail or prison and the dates of their possible release were penciled in because they changed regularly. The name of the law firm representing the family was noted in the lower left-hand corner of the chart. The names of the Godfather and his staff of Capos were above the lawyers names.

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