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Setting Goals:

Quick & Easy Worksheet, Theory and SMART Goals!

By: John James Santangelo C.Ht.

Copyright 2013 John James Santangelo C.Ht.

Smashwords Edition




(Ok, that out of the way, lets discover HOW YOU CAN get all you want)

Welcome and thank you for purchasing this ebook. I’m going to make a couple wild assumptions just from you purchasing this book:

#1. You’re frustrated because you haven’t gotten all you want, YET!

#2. You tried other programs that haven’t worked for YOU!

#3. You may not know HOW to properly set goals.

#4. You’re committed to finding out what DOES work for you!

So, let me say this ONE thing to you about goal setting. IT’S EASY! Though, as I assumed above, this program will not work until you do. This is not a magic pill that if you follow everything I say all your dreams will come true. You must KNOW what you want and take action every day in spite of the fact that the odds may seem like they’re against you. The universe doesn’t give up her riches to those who just ASK! (there is no ‘Secret’) It’s simply a clarity of purpose and getting out of your own way. YES? If so, let’s get moving!

I can say with certainty success really is these two simple concepts; Clarity of Purpose, and Getting Out Of Your Own Way. Nothing else even matters if these two things are not dealt with. Not an action plan, deadlines, specialized knowledge, or even determination can make it happen! Nothing will happen until you KNOW exactly what you want, and get yourself to take action daily.

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