The Lonely Doll Masquerade By Stephan Imri-Knight

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The Lonely Doll Masquerade

An empty room, aside from the girl; four walls, no windows or doors. White paint peeling and cracking shadowed with darkness. The echoing sound of whispered screams and child-like laughter echo through the room but the girl utters nothing. She is kneeling seiza-style her knees just poking out pale beneath the various pink layers of her skirt. Her blond head hangs forward, fluffy hair in pigtails, stained pink at the ends. Delicate pink bows adorn each pigtail, decorated with plastic gems. There is a large red upside down cross on the bodice of her Lolita style dress. Her fingers dig into the fabric of the skirt, nails 4 inches long; also pink, cute painted flowers and plastic gems adorn these as well. She lifts her head up, faceless, skin made of pale white ribbons wrapping around. There is a black stitching where a mouth might usually be, sewn into a giant haphazard grin. Her head falls from side to side with a creaking sound like the winding of a music box.

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