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Coffee with God

By Melisa A. Smith

Copyright Melisa A. Smith 2010

License notes: Exclusive publishing rights belong to Melisa A. Smith and Smith & Dunn LLC

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Also by Melisa A. Smith published at Smith & Dunn LLC

Cause God Promised


This book is dedicated to the many friends and family members that have been a part of these learning experiences along this spritual journey. I have not arrived, but I certainly appreciate your guidance and support along the way and I’m looking forward to much more. To Jordan and Christi, thank you for giving me a constant reason for not giving up. I love you much too much to express via mere words.


Right Motive Wrong Attitude

I have loved God since I was a little girl. He was my friend and someone I talked to because my Sunday school teacher said He was with me wherever I went. I was an only child and sometimes had no one else to play with, so He was it. As I grew older, He was still always there. He took the time to show me many of the things He’d placed in me and allowed me to use them for His glory in His house. So no matter where I go, I have His gifts inside of me and a passion to use them for His glory. I also have a passion for God’s people. I want them to get this thing. I want them to understand that there has to be a personal relationship with God to learn and grow in Him. Learning a few scriptures does generate an intimate relationship with Christ. But do you know that sometimes fire and passion can cause you to address God’s people the wrong way?
I Corinthians 13 in its entirety is all about love. The Adult Bible Fellowship teacher at my church often tells us to replace the word love with our own name. Is Melisa patient, is Melisa kind, and am I never rude? Well I cannot answer those questions positively every time they are asked. I can tell you that I am a work in progress. That often times just as I am with my children, I will respond with a raised voice out of love, because I don’t want you, people of God to miss what God is saying to you. Am I wrong? Sometimes yes. Sometimes people don’t understand a raised voice. Sometimes I’m only planting the seed and must understand that someone else will come to water it. Sometimes, it’s not my ministry, but someone else’s. I wasn’t the one chosen to minister to that person at that present time. Love comes out in many different ways. And because of our passion, we push and push and sometimes push people away from healing and away from God. Be prayerful in your ministry time with others. I have a quick prayer that I say when I find myself getting frustrated with someone or passing judgment. It is quite simple, “God, check my tude.” I close my eyes and repeat it several times. And much to my amazement each time, my attention is quickly diverted or a simple peace comes over me. Either way, it works. I’m not saying I’ve arrived, God has more tude checking to do with me, just thought I’d share in case you wanted Him to check your tude as well.

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