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It was a nice fall day riding bikes on big mountain with my brother. We had taken a few laps, and then we got the ungrateful award of getting to ride up with some strangers. The strangers riding up the lift were also riding bikes.

We got talking and decided to ride for a few laps. We ended up getting along well. So we met up for a few weekends after. There names were Jake and raser. We decided we might want to be roommates with each other.

Then I kicked my parents out of the house and me my bro raser Jake and my soon to be girl friend all moved in together. The first few weekends were great. Every day we rode bikes or built jumps and every night we would have a few people over to ride the jumps after dark. After just a month of being together we felt as if we knew everything about everyone in our house. The fourth week we all went to whistler for our dream vacation for a week. It was the best times of our lives. We would ride from 9 tell 8 and then party in the whistler village.

Then something very upsetting happened. Jake asked Kendra out right be for I did. It was devastated. The whole car ride back to whitefish was awful for me. I got to listen to Jake and Kendra talk sweet with each other for 8 hours strait. While my bro wouldn’t stop talking on the phone with his sketchy girl friend back home.

When we finally got back I was relived. It was so nice knowing that id be sleeping in my own bed. But the instant I walked in the house it wasn’t as good as I was hoping. My brother’s sketchy girl friend was there and had about 50 of her friends. They had all been drinking and smoking so my house smelt awful. After an hour of battling with the stoners I finally got them out of my house. I was so tired I just went up stairs and was going straight to bed. When I got there my bed was missing and in its place there was a couch I was so furious. I ran down the stairs and into the basement. When I got down there Jake and Kendra were sound asleep in my bed. I tried moving Jake off of the bed but he was way too heavy to move. Even if I did move him when he hit the floor china would be experiencing awful earth quakes. I did however move Kendra out of the bed and put her in the bath tub. Unwillingly I finally got into my own bed. In the morning I was up way before any one and went into the shower.

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