Critics and authors praise WHAT THE DEAF-MUTE HEARD by G. D. Gearino

"This novel speaks with a clear, strong, and resonant voice. It is an unbelievable story, a memorable history of a boy's courage."

-Kaye Gibbons, best-selling author of Sights Unseen

"Gearino is a talented yarn-spinner, who knows how to concoct a high-velocity story."

-The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

"From Voltaire to Vonnegut, comic authors have created naive characters through whom they cast satirical light upon the foibles of whatever folk they want to make fun of. Voltaire did it in France; Vonnegut did it in Indiana. Now newspaperman and author G. D. Gearino has done it in Georgia .... "

- Winston-Salem Journal (NC)

"Gearino unleashes a powerful imagination and gift for storytelling. He takes a premise that at face value seems totally implausible and proceeds to craft an intricate tale of intrigue interlaced with homespun observations about the human condition .... WHAT THE DEAF-MUTE HEARD is a spellbinding work of fiction."

-Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

What the Deaf Mute Heard


G.D. Gearino

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