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The Spirit Of The Gane

by Rik Hunik with Jo McKee

Published by Rik Hunik at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 by Rik Hunik

A slightly different version of this story appeared in Wild Violet Vol. 6 #2, Summer 2007.

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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Chapter 1

When I entered her house I saw my mother, Violet, seated at a card table, actually playing a card game with a real person instead of her usual computer opponents. Then I did a double take and nearly fainted when I recognized the man; it was Daddy, just as he had looked before his fatal heart attack nearly thirty years ago.

"Hi Sis," Mom said to me, barely looking up from her card game, even though she hadn't seen me in over a year. An obese septuagenarian, she was a dedicated couch potato despite all my efforts over the years to get her off her ass before it got too fat for her to move, but she never listened to me about anything, especially when I was right.

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