The day had started out with so many good things going for it.

For one, Arlin was back in the village after spending the last six months at the Academy in the capital of Insen. Trouble was always so much more fun to get into with Arlin as an accomplice.

For two, Shirina had a free day for the first time in what seemed like forever. Isem knew that this would be the year he'd ask her to the dance on Sowain. Arlin's gloating about the girl he'd met over the winter had assured that.

For three, Isem had actually managed to convince his parents to let him have the day off from the farm. Well, not so much convinced as ran away when their backs were turned, but he had gotten away with it.

And finally, all three friends had spent the better part of the day together, catching up on what had happened in the past six months while wandering the streets of the village.

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