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Editor: Maxine Bringenberg

Chapter 1

Madigan’s Army 1543

In the heat of battle, it was hard to tell where one beast ended and the other began. Grant dodged the claws that swiped menacingly at his head. The fight was fierce as Madigan’s Army of miscreants attacked the werewolves of the Lair.

Grant could shift into any animal that was required of him because of the anamorphic magic of Serenas that ran through his veins. He was currently assuming the shape of a black wolf. He fought alongside man and beast alike, as the men who followed Marshal Madigan were both everyday men and various types of shifters. No one was turned away from Madigan’s Army, for they fought to protect their countryside from the terrifying rampage of the cold hearted werewolves of Narcissa, who were hell bent on destroying any living being in their wake. This pack of werewolves had extended their reach when they had started to recruit other werewolves who were hungry for power.

Another snarling beast threw its body toward Grant, but his lithe limbs pushed him into the air fast enough to jump over the hurtling body. He faced the gnashing teeth of the rabid wolf before he saw Marshal Madigan’s sword cleave the beast’s head from its body. Grant shook the spray of blood from his coat and looked around him. Five wolves had beaten a hasty retreat, while six more lay limp and lifeless on the ground, moments before turning into their human forms. His eyes searched for the one that would bring him peace in the void that surrounded him, the one man who made him hunger for revenge, but Seamus Finnigan was nowhere to be found.

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