Seamus Finnigan, second in command in the Lair, was the one who had taken from Grant the only thing he had ever cared about. It had just been a few years ago when his wife Maria had been abducted from their home. Maria had recently given birth to their beautiful daughter, Sophia, and had gone out to take a walk in the brisk morning air. She had wandered farther than she should have and was attacked by Seamus and his wolf pack. She had fought them off as best as she could, but they had made sure that she would not return as the same person. They had taken their time, torturing her before sending her back to Grant battered and broken, bearing the bite that had turned her into a monster.

Maria’s wounds had healed quickly, but her heart had turned dark and bitter and the woman before him became much colder than the one Grant had known. It took years for the melancholy to finally rise to a feverous pitch. Grant had done his best to keep her locked up during each full moon, for those were the times that the darkness swallowed her whole and she shifted into the beast that had taken over her body. However, the moment she turned on their young toddling child his disgust and outrage forced him to give in to her demands to be released into the forest.

He waited for his wife to return, hoping above all else that the evil lurking in her heart could be washed away with the moon’s rays, but when the sun hit the morning sky, she did not return. Two days later her body was brought back to him by Marshal Madigan, who had regretted to inform him that she had been killed by the Lair. The light had seemed to fade from Grant’s eyes and he became lost in the darkness. It was clear to the people around him that he had finally snapped. He had become enraged, revenge had eaten at his soul, and the only recourse he had was to avenge the death of his wife.

The evil that plagued their lands had taken away any chance he had at bringing back the woman he had loved, and had left his daughter without a mother to raise her. In a heartbeat Grant’s life had changed. He had gone from being Lord Timberlin of Wickford Manor to being the right hand man of Marshal Madigan, as they traveled the country trying to put an end to the Lair that reveled in the destruction it left in its wake.

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