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Chapter 1: Seth

For some reason rain made me more depressed than most people. It has something to do with my eyes my mother always says, and she is right. When the sky is blue my eyes are blue, when it is raining my eyes are splattered both blue and brown. There is a certain something in my eyes, something different from both of my parents. Only my brother Colten and I have eyes that change, both of my parents’ eyes are green. I know some people notice the glimmer in my eyes, the more intelligent, not the typical kids in Rimbridge.

        I remember the day Grace noticed it. The first week we moved back to my original town Rimbridge, it had been cloudless and sun-drenched. At school she approached me right away and said,
“Hello! I’m Grace, what’s your name? I just wanted to tell you that you have really pretty eyes!” That day they were oceanic blue, crystal clear. I didn’t even know how to respond, no one had ever told me I had pretty eyes other than my family, I almost forgot she even asked for my name. I finally managed to sputter out my name.

“Seth. I mean I’m Seth, uh Seth Raidelle.” I couldn’t believe that she was talking to me, I was speechless. She was beautiful.

“I like it. Has a nice ring to it.” She whispered it a bunch of times under her breath trying to implant it in her brain.

Unfortunately, the attention I was getting from Grace quickly altered the first rainy day, immediately my mood changed, and almost everyone could tell. I was naturally quiet but there was that unique something different.  And not only did my mood changed, but my eyes did. Those tie-dye, spilled milk, puddles of brown flooded my eyes. It was normal, about the ten millionth time they have changed. Not many kids noticed it, but Grace did, that’s when I knew she was different. She was no longer spastic and energetic, now she looks at me different, like she is afraid of me or something.

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