The Untold Story of Jesus

The gospels record Jesus at the age of twelve teaching in the temple. Then there is a big void until at the age of 30, Jesus shows up at the River Jordan to be baptized by John. This leaves 17 years uncounted; Luke wrote the child increased in wisdom and stature while working in his father’s carpentry shop.

Okay, I give up! What in the world did he learn in his father’s shop that would prepare him for what he was about to endure?

Let’s start at the beginning to see how religion changed the facts to suit their needs. It was reported that:

Jesus was born in a manger.

Fact: Jesus was born in a cave.

Jesus was born in the winter.

Fact: Jesus was born in late June or July.

The baby was named Jesus.

Fact: The baby was named Joseph Ben Joseph (Joseph son of Joseph).

Jesus was born to a Virgin Mary.

Fact: This is a religious concept to give more credibility to the idea that Jesus was the Son of God.

Jesus was an only child of Mary and Joseph.

Fact: Mary and Joseph had several children, including James, who was reported to be Jesus’ twin brother. Wow! This leaves a lot of questions.

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