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Who am I, Why am I here, Where am I going

These are probably the three most important questions that any human being can ask. The religions of the world have their answer for these questions, but in my opinion, they would be wrong. All religions at their base teach love for God and love for your fellow mankind. However, at that point they start to differ on the above three questions.

Question #1: Who am I? Most religions don’t really answer this question. Usually you will get that we are human beings with a soul. For question #2: “Why am I here?” they say we are here to prove our worthiness to go to Heaven when this life is done. We are here to obey certain laws of conduct; if we violate these laws then we could possibly go to hell for all eternity when we die. For question #3: “Where am I going?” some religions say our final destination is one of three places: heaven, hell or purgatory. That we will be judged by God for breaking the laws set up by individual religions.

In other words, each religion has its own set of rules and they expect God to judge us by rules made up by early religious leaders. However, some rules can be considered mortal sins and yet be non-existent in other religions. For instance, the Catholic religion says if you miss Mass on Sunday or Holy days and you die, you will go straight to hell for eternity. However, if you are a Protestant, Jew, Buddhist or Hindu this rule does not exist. If you live in the jungles of South America or Africa you may never have heard of a Mass, so how are you expected to comply.

All religions were started by human beings to answer these three basic questions. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Unfortunately in my own opinion, they failed miserably at explaining the truth so they reverted to setting up their own rules and used God as their excuse to condemn and punish anyone not following their individual set of rules. They made God out to be vengeful, angry, and unforgiving. For over 3000 years, religions have caused wars, hatred and uncertainties to the degree that this planet has become a mess.

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