I’m giving this book away for free. In exchange I only ask for your review (hopefully good) and to share it with at least one friend or family member. Thanks!


Dedicated to the dreamers, and to the lovers...


Thanks mom and Jae, for being in my life. You were the driving forces that inspired me to stick this story out long enough — through all the pain and sorrow — to finish writing it, and to fill it with meaning so that I could finally tell the story the way I wanted to, and dedicate it to you. Thanks to my friends and family (particularly Jacqueline) for supporting me through the process. I’m very grateful.

— Devin

The second book in The Creators Series was released prior to the first. This first book brings depth and understanding to vastness and wild excitement of the second. At the time of this writing there are currently no reviews on this first book, but I’d like to share with you some reviews of the second book in the series, to get you excited. Then, once you finish this book (and the second), you can write your own reviews. Thanks!

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