Hampton Beach Homicide

A Dan Marlowe Novel

Jed Power

Four quarters. It's not much, but when 13-year-old Kelsey Sweeney gives Dan Marlowe the coins as payment to find his mother's killer, it's enough to buy him a ticket to big-time trouble on Hampton Beach.

In no time Dan finds himself knocking heads with beach drug dealers, thugs, and shady businessmen—all with something to hide. And they'll throw anything at Dan, including bombs and bullets, to get him to back off.

But Dan can't back off—he's got his own demons to conquer—and helping Kelsey is the only way he's got a shot at winning that battle.


"Newcomer Jed Power channels the tough-as-nails prose of Gold Medal greats Peter Rabe and Dan Marlowe." — Shamus and Derringer award-winning author Dave Zeltserman

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