My Heart Praises the Lord” my Soul is Glad because of God my Savior, for he has remembered me, his lowly Servant!

From Now on all People will call me Happy, because of the great things the Mighty god has done for me. His name is Holy”. (LUKE 1: 46).

These are the words of Mother Mary, when she came to know that, she is going to give Birth to the Saviour of this World.

How Happy Mary might be when Angel Gabriel said these words to Mary.

Before Angel Gabriel appeared to mother Mary she was a Normal Women, after Angel Gabriel appeared and the Birth of Jesus, Mary came to be known as blessed among the entire Women’s.

Here, is a Small question for you all?

That is why did God choose only Mother Mary?

Why, not any other women in the world and Change the Story.

Because, in the sight of God: Mary is a Faithful and Obedient unto God. And, what the work she did, she did it according to the Word of God. And she Humbled herself and said “I’m the Lord’s Servant” (LUKE 1:38)

Yes, God is ready to do the Great Things in your Life also, but you should follow Jesus according to his Teachings. If you don’t know the TRUE JESUS, read the Bible and Meditate on the Word of God then you will come to Know, His True love for you.

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