A History Of The Prajapati Falsehood

Prajapati (or Prajapathi in South India) in a well known Hindu God whose name certain Christians have been misusing. These people claim that Prajapati is Jesus Christ, and to establish this claim they have used the following techniques

  1. Misinterpretation of Hindu scriptures

  2. Promotion of totally FORGED Sanskrit statements (which are simply not there in Hindu scriptures)

  3. Emotional manipulation

As a result, many Christians are under the false impression that Hindu scriptures speak repeatedly of Christ, His virgin birth, he crucifixion, death, resurrection, and ascention. However, NO Hindu scripture contains anything even remotely similar to the Life and sacrifice of Christ.

We propose to introduce this subject to discerning Christians in several volumes. In this volume we will introduce the history of how this falsehood gained root in the Christian world.

Beginning Of The Prajapti-Christ Myth: Many Christians are surprised at the ease with which the Prajapati Heresy entered the Evangelical and Conservative churches. After all these churches are known for fighting against doctrinal perversion, then how did they overlook this perversion. The reason lies more in history than in theology, and thus a chronological narration of the history of this movement is essential.

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