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"Current scientific findings and technological advances bring us to a place where we should be thinking constructively about our wider future in the universe. Visions cast today will undoubtedly become reality sometime in our tomorrows. CALLED is a book to be enjoyed, but it shouldn't be taken too lightly either.

"A great read, this book will deeply touch people who have had unexplained experiences and who continue to suffer in silence, rather than chance rejection by friends and colleagues. All thinking people will feel the timing of the material. CALLED did not arrive on our bookshelves a day too soon."

Colin Andrews, author of "Circular Evidence" and President of Circles Phenomenon Research International


By Lauren Zimmerman

Published by nLight Press, Founder, Lauren Zimmerman

at Smashwords

ISBN: Smashwords Edition: 978-1-4524-2198-8

Copyright 2010, Lauren Zimmerman

All rights reserved.

nLight Press

Dedicated to the spiritual evolution of Humankind.

Cover Design, Lauren Zimmerman

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