With another sigh I lifted it up to Billy, who snatched it out of my hand like some hungry dog. He tore the wrapping away and devoured the entire thing in less than a minute, he hardly seemed to chew at all, it was like watching crocodiles feed, but with Billy you usually got to keep your arms and legs.

Thanks nerd,” Billy said as he threw the balled up wrapping in my lap, then turned and walked back across the playground. My eyes burned hateful holes in his back as he walked away. I wanted to hit him, I wanted to make him cry, no I wanted to do more than that, I wanted him to bleed. My life would be so much better if Billy Tate never existed.

No one made lunch for Billy, everyone said that his father had left when he was five and never came back. Billie’s mother had become an alcoholic and had made a habit of sending her son to school stinky and dirty.

My stomach grumbled and gnawed on my insides, I really wanted that roll, but I should have known that Billy would take it, he always did. Why did he always pick on me? Did I look like some pathetic nerd? Most people told me I looked like my father; I had his dark brown hair that was so dark in fact that most of the kids at school thought it was black. While my eyebrows could pass for two giant caterpillars sitting above my dark brown eyes.

I hunched over and scrounged around the bottom of my bag, hoping there might be some long forgotten muesli bar floating around down there, but there was none. With a final sigh of defeat, my shoulders slumped and I just turned to stare hatefully at Billy as he went to pick on some other kids across the playground.

“Guess what I read in my sister’s journal?” Zach said with a bit too much enthusiasm. His head of chestnut hair framed his suddenly cheerful face.

“I really don’t care,” I mumbled with my head in my hands.

“You will. In the bush behind my house, there’s this tree stump with a hole in the centre of it. If you write down a wish on a piece of paper and wrap a gold coin in it and drop it down the hole in the stump, your wish comes true! My sister makes wishes out there all the time,” Zach said, his eyes almost popping.

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