By Guy Tucker

A full moon lit the empty city streets of Rosewood. I was walking home from another long day at work when the sounds of a scuffle coming from an alley up on my left, had startled me out of my zombie like trance.

Give me your money, bitch,” barked a deep masculine voice.

You deserve nothing,” a woman’s voice spat.

It sounded like trouble and although I’m really not usually the heroic type, I inched up to the corner of the alley and peered down the shadowy side street.

A large bulky man stood with his back to me, he held a thin dainty woman by the arm demanding money as if he just couldn’t accept the fact that maybe she had none to give.

You’ve gotta have something valuable I can have,” he murmured softer now.

Get your filthy hands off me, you pig,” the woman demanded as she pulled against his grip on her arm.

I should really help her, I thought but the coward in me just wanted to run away and pretend I hadn’t seen anything. Shamefully I hung my head, and noticed half a brick at my feet. Without a second thought I bent down and picked it up and by the time I stood up again I was filled with a confidence and determination that I had never before experienced.

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