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His brother Fingal sighed, and Mitchell could practically hear the man rolling his eyes. “Come on Mitch, if you rub any harder, the damn thing will need to be sent back to the chromers.”

Mitchell snorted. That was Fin, always in a hurry. He appreciated his brother helping him out, but Mitchell needed to actually hire someone. Then again, Fin’s glamour got him in good with the working men, at least those that had their eyes on the stock bikes and good credit scores.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming,” he grumbled. A glance at his brother revealed that Fin’s attention was firmly pinned across the street, particularly on the Emerald Isles Antiques store. “Leave it be, Fin.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Fin turned to him, a mask of innocence in place. “And if I did, I’d tell you that I still think you’re wrong about that little human and that mother—”

“If mother has a problem with anything, she’ll get over it soon enough, but I think you’re looking for troubles where there aren’t any.” He grunted as he levered himself off the floor. He wasn’t old at three hundred, but spending hours bent over a motorcycle was a lot harder on his body than lounging around the fae court.

“Whatever, bro. I’m outta here. I’ll tell everyone you said ‘hi’.” With that, his brother poofed from the room.

Too bad Mitchell hadn’t remembered to remind him not to say anything to anyone about a certain someone who owned Emerald Isles. Then again, Fin had been keeping the secret for two years.

He tossed the rag he’d been using into the wash bin and went around the counter. To any outsider looking in, he was checking over the merchandise in the glass cases. To anyone who really knew Mitchell, like Fin, he was keeping an eye on the delectable man across the street.

After two years of watching and getting to know the shop owner of Emerald Isles Antiques, Mitchell had damn near had enough. No matter how hard he tried to corner the bugger, Clover Brady always managed to sneak away. Hell, one time he ran. Hard to get? Mitchell wondered if Clover wasn’t interested at all.

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