Math City


Ahmad Amani

Copyright 2011 Ahmad Amani

Smashwords Edition

Thank you for getting this book. Especially thanks to RLB Hartmann and Dodo Kaipdodo.

Author: Ahmad Amani


Editor: RLB Hartmann

Illustrator: Mehdi Anoshirvani


Chapter 1


The Horizontal Line was crawling and said to himself, “Oh, what a wonderful dream. How I wish it were true.” The Horizontal Line had dreamed that he was a friend of the children, and they all liked him. Here is why. Whenever a child was punished, the Horizontal Line intervened. For example, if a teacher told one of his students, “You must stand on one foot for ten minutes,” the Horizontal Line would reduce it to five. It was his job to reduce. Children hid the Horizontal Line from their mothers because they were afraid it might make their allowances smaller.

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