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The Kingdom Lies Within”

Gazing into the skies is not once of what one could ever imagine to fully grasp. Secrets Societies throughout time have kept knowledge for humanity that could not merely be imagined by the human through his eyes he knows as of now. Much scrutinized for their secrecy, they simply remained for one cause. To save the knowledge that humanity has lost throughout time that had once been given to us as a gift from our Creator. Whether your beliefs lie within any confines known to date, we all believe in one belief. We were the work of another force or god meaning we undoubtedly began as one. Hebrew’s believed in what is known today as Christianity, what is lost from knowledge is the name of their Creator, Elohim. We have grown to believe this meant Christianity’s belief in one god and no other. Elohim, is in fact a plural word translated to read “god’s”. Gnostic beliefs portray our knowing of beliefs in new form to say the least, but this all comes from the church telling us this is not divine. Science derives from alchemy which was the attempt to make gold from lead, this practice was what has lead to modern science and has been the most studied field in history by all types. To this day it remains one of the greatest secrets that is hidden from man simply because of his own neglect and unwillingness to realize his ancient ancestors left us messages that are hidden by greed of man. Secret Societies have been scrutinized throughout time by all churches and people unwilling to accept the greater cause of these organizations. Sir Francis Bacon was instructed by King James to construct his New Bible by interpreting ancient books and other known English bible’s. Bacon was head of Secret Society roles throughout his day and longed to bring his at the time secret information that had been hidden by many world power organizations called “religions” because it would show man his true purpose. From Hiram Abiff’s murder to modern masonry the greed of man to control and obtain knowledge is the best example to why these organizations have hidden the truth, it is very powerful and will change our perception of everything from your need for sleep to the depth of a black hole. Galileo was the founder of the Illuminati which was his attempt to gather the brightest minds on earth without having the overhead of the church to limit their progress and slow attempts of enlightening the mind to knowledge he was entitled to by our Creator, Illumination. Today many celebrities claim involvement to this organization and hint at world control. Galileo would roll over in his grave if he heard of such claims of his once great Society that members such as Newton, Da Vinci, Michelangelo and so on, the list contains the greatest known minds of their day and were only accepted if they could find the meeting spot in a detailed map only great minds could understand. The Illuminati was short lived and members were prosecuted by the church much as had been the fate of the famous Knights Templar, Galileo was confined to house arrest for the confines of his life but was successful in passing his knowledge “secrets” to the next society in seek of Illumination. Today we have the vastly known Freemasons who had been sent by Sir Francis Bacon to Novus Ordo, Latin for “Order of The Ages” in an attempt to flee the presence of the church that was almost one of a dictatorship controlling especially knowledge. Still today we leave others entrusted with our control for the betterment of we man and woman, from all facets of earth. We are children of our Creator all one, our religions of the world today all have multiple and even some almost exact in their stories and passages. The most important that each of these religions that it posses is the word religion itself which translates into union. We as a race look for higher power in knowledge to lead us, this is about to change forever, I have been chosen for an apocalypse, which is translated to “A Great Unveiling of Knowledge” and will share the secrets of man.

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