Truth or Dare?”

We were six. With our ears pressed against the screen of the window, we could scarcely hear the words that the older kids whispered late that night.

Dare.” The boy’s voice was low and slow, as if he was making a very important decision.

Max and I did everything together. We had since we were two and were forced to play together by our overbearing mothers. There is no rule that says if you’re the same age and you live next door, you have to be friends, but it worked out that way. Well, after max got over his pulling hair phase and I got over my yelling phase.

I dare you to go outside and yell ‘fire!’ and then run back inside.” The girl’s voice was a contrast to his. She spoke quickly and loudly in a voice that was so high-pitched it hurt my ears.

This was a stupid, stupid idea.


Drew! You’re chickening!”

Laughing echoed throughout the cabin, even though the onlookers knew they wouldn’t do it either.

So? Allison, do you have any idea how much trouble I could get in if I did that?” ‘Drew’ said.

I stared at Max with wide eyes. Although I was better in school, Max was older and more street smart. I helped him with his ABC’s, and he held my hand when I was scared. We balanced each other out.

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