What people are saying about Rocky Hill, Fireman:

"I love your books. Ben usually has a very whiney attitude when I ask him to do something. Not lately. Well, not since we bought your books. Now, when I ask him to do something he pauses and says, “Glad to do it.” I love it. It's such a joy to hear. Thank you.”

- - Kristen Tidwell - Mother of 5

“We have read through your lovely book several times now. It's a very sweet story, yet with lots of great mechanical details that are sweet sounds to curious little boys. The part about the baby being in potential danger always tugs at a parent's emotions ..... When I asked Winn (5 yr old son) what he liked best about the story it was 'when he saved the baby.' Mine too :)”

- - Katherine Shepler - Mother of 4

Author’s Note:

I hope you enjoy reading Uncle Rocky, Fireman #1 “Fire!” with your children as much as I enjoyed telling it to my boys.

Uncle Rocky, Fireman is a series of stories I told to my two oldest sons in 1989 and 1990 when they were 4 and 6. My boys quickly memorized the sequence of events initiated by the alarm bell and developed hand and body motions that pantomimed getting dressed for the fire. They enjoyed making the sounds of starting the truck and testing the horn. They looked like traffic cops when they held up their hands to stop traffic so the fire truck could race to the fire. The best part was the ending when they mimicked Uncle Rocky as he said, "Glad to do it!"

Author’s Acknowledgements:

This book would not be possible without:

  • Ben and Luke, my eager boys, who made telling these stories so much fun.

  • Katie, my loving wife, who created the environment where I could tell these stories and who tells me each Rocky Hill rough draft is “Great” even though we know better.

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