...what the world needs to know about hate. But what's even better, is that there is life after hate! I highly recommend this book!

Frank Meeink, activist, actor, speaker, and author of Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead.

My Life After Hate is for anyone who thinks that change is impossible or too difficult. Arno Michaels’ honest look into his past as a white power skinhead and his long journey out of hatred is proof that change is possible in the unlikeliest places. This book is for anyone who underestimates their own power to transform their life or feels they lack the courage to reach out to others they once feared.”

Lisa Kaiser, Journalist, Shepherd Express

Society discusses hate and diversity in sterilized language; this book tells the story first hand. Be prepared to be riveted, intrigued and shocked. An astonishing ride through a dark world of violence and the process of rehabilitation.”

Amber Miller, M.B.A., Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative

It's not so uncommon for those who have gone astray in ways that harm others to eventually get onto a more humane path. What's extraordinary about Arno Michaels is his dedication to the larger enterprise of fighting bigotry and the destructive violence that often grows from it. My Life After Hate is an illuminating window into the origins of this repentant man's mission.”

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