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Inside Information

Kathy Sear & Greg Hawkins Series, Vol.1

Michael E. Field

Published by Write Words, Inc. at Smashwords.

© 2010. Michael E. Field All Rights Reserved

ISBN 978-1-59431-788-0


The old factory stood dark and silent, bathed in the eerie glow of a full moon, outlining the shadows against the flowing river behind. A small glimmer of light inside the building illuminated the main walkway running down the middle. On each side of the aisle, large wood tables sat covered with a mixture of undisturbed saw dust and piles of small wood scrapes.

An old man, bent after years of moving wood and pushing a broom, walked slowly down the aisle. He started at one end of the factory where he opened the first power box and threw the main switch. With a loud clank one-quarter of all the factory overhead lights went out for the last time, casting that side of the factory floor into darkness. The man closed the metal door over the switch with a bang and slowly moved to the next power box where he repeated the same move.

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