Tessa leaned further over the railing of the massive cruise ship, the dizzying view sending a shard of adrenaline rushing through her veins. The water crashed in indigo waves below her, the raw power of the ship churning up white tips on the breakers. As she peered into the frothy sea, the sheer force of the wind tore at her hair, cascading loose tendrils around her cheeks. Despite the warm weather, the wind sent a chill up her spine, and she wrapped her arms around herself for warmth. She rubbed the skin of her arms bracingly, noticing the goose bumps there. She wouldn’t be able to stay out here for a long.

But despite the chill, there was something erotic in the brush of wind against her skin, the tendrils of sea air reaching inside the low cut of her dress, caressing tender, bare flesh. Tessa felt the unbidden tug of arousal, her nipples hardening at the elusive touch as she leaned back to embrace the wind. She had a sudden urge to pull the sleeves down and stand half-naked in the salty spray.

Tessa glanced around her, for a moment actually considering giving in to the urge. But the sight of a shadow down the deck held her back.

Tessa grimaced and sighed, her hands moving down to clutch the railing in frustration.

Celebrating her college senior spring break on a cruise ship had seemed like such a great idea when planning it with her roommate. Swimming pools, hot tubs, and tons of excellent food, plus the chance at some on-board romance at sea. She had envisioned late nights dancing under the stars, the arms of some mysterious stranger wrapping around her as he swept her off her feet. Sea spray, hot wind in her hair, and some exotic man making her romantic dreams come true. What more could she ask for? Okay. So it was pretty naive, but a woman could dream, right?

And so she--and what seemed like half of her college fellows--had booked this cruise for the week. But she had failed to think it all the way through. For most of those traveling with her, spring break on a cruise ship meant a week long, drunken party. And while Tessa didn’t mind an occasional party or two, and she even managed to tie one on pretty well once in a while, staying drunk all week was not really her idea of a good time. Somehow, her idea of the romantic allure of ocean travel did not include puking half the night and fighting a hangover all day.

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