The misty night air in the alley smelled stale mixed with the pungent odor of blood, sweat, and pheromones. The icy drizzle combined with the cool breeze penetrated her sodden clothes making her shiver. Through the haze in her mind, Lara moved her hands slowly to each side and pushed up to lift her body. A cry escaped her as a sharp pain shot through her arms. She fell back to the damp asphalt, her breath ragged. Ignoring the intense throbbing, her jaws clenched, she struggled once more to get up again. Her breathing came in short gasps, her arms quivered with the effort. Warm liquid tickled down her arm, and she looked down. Blood oozed from the deep slashes covering her arms. She cursed softly under her breath. She had to get out of the alley fast. The smell of blood would soon attract unsavory night creatures.

She twisted a bit to the right and cringed. Her body ached everywhere. But these aches were nothing compared to her broken heart. Betrayed. By her best friend. A renewed wave of anger surged inside her. She’d expect this from Lorianne Jones. That red-headed bitch made no bone about wanting to become an Alpha and mate with one of the Alpha males in their pack. She’d do anything — fight anyone — just to get what she wanted. Since she was born Alpha, Lara expected to come to blows with Lorianne at some point. But not with sweet, little Susie.

Scheming traitor!

To think she’d befriended the shy woman when she’d joined the pack about 3 years ago. Susie had been more than happy to tag along with Lara and her friends, and not once took the initiative on their outings. So when she’d proposed they met the guys at the rave party held in one of the old abandoned buildings, Lara had been surprised, but had accepted. As they entered the alleyway, Susie’s minions had jumped Lara. Using tasers, they’d zapped part of her energies weakening her.

When Johnny and his friends had shown up, her followers had hidden the guns. With an angry snarl, Susie had claimed a challenge — a mating duel. Then she’d shifted into a wolf and attacked, her claws and teeth ready. Lara had been left with no other recourse but to shapeshift too to defend herself, weak as she’d been.

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