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Yet what hurt the most was that Johnny had been there, prancing around eagerly, enjoying the fight, and done nothing to stop them. How could he do that to her? His own girlfriend? And to think that she’d planned to petition the Alpha leaders of her pack to let her mate with Johnny. Not that she loved him. But she’d felt he was the only male shifter who understood her views that the struggles for supremacy within the pack were barbaric. What a pathetic fool she’d been.

In the end he’d gone with Susie and left her there. She growled. If she ever saw them again… Never mind that now, she scolded herself.

The howls of wolves in the distance drew her back to the moment.

Damn! They are coming back.

Gritting her teeth, she tried to kneel, but her right leg refused to move. Perspiration broke on her brow. She cursed under her breath. Mustering the last of her energy, she forced her leg, an agonizing inch at the time, until she lifted herself on hands and knees. A sudden wave of nausea and dizziness overtook her. She closed her eyes and concentrated on taking long, deep breaths. She couldn’t pass out. Not now.

Once the worst of the wooziness was gone, she slowly opened her eyes and noticed a pair of shoes before her. Her heart pounded in terror. She hadn’t heard anyone approach. Her gazed drifted up a pair of long, muscular legs encased in black leather pants then higher to a very masculine chest. A soft breeze blew his leather trenchcoat, revealing a black-inked tattoo on his right blade shoulder.

The Eye.

No! Oh Gods!

Terrified, she closed her eyes and tried to transform into the wolf, but her body shook violently. She collapsed on the asphalt, and a new wave of dizziness sent her head spinning. Her vision blurred. She tried and failed to overcome the sense of light-headiness washing over her. She couldn’t succumb to unconsciousness. Tears ran down her cheek. The tasers and the fight had left her too weak, and exhaustion had sapped her energy. The last change back into human form had depleted her magick. She tried to get up, but her body refused to obey her. A pair of strong hands grab her shoulders, and she whimpered. Oh Gods, she was going to die.

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