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Impossible Love

By Marantha D. Jenelle


Published by THG StarDragon Publishing on behalf of Marantha D. Jenelle at Smashwords

All rights reserved


This book, and all cover and interior artwork used on and in it is the sole creation and property of Ms. Jan Marie Parupia, writing and publishing under the pen name of Marantha D. Jenelle.

No portion of this book, or of its cover or interior artwork, may be copied by any means, old, new or yet to be invented, without the express written permission of Ms. Jan Marie Parupia, author and sole creator of both the story and of all cover and interior artwork used on and in this book. The only exception to this mandate will be for those wishing to use small excerpts of this book for the sole purpose of reviews.

The only exception are the images in the editor bio. Those are the property of Teresa Garcia of THG StarDragon Publishing.

THG StarDragon Publishing is pleased to have assisted this author with proofreading, editing, and publication of this edition.

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