by Asher MacDonald

copyright 2011 Asher MacDonald

Smashwords Edition


CHARLEE COULDN'T BELIEVE she had been so stupid, making and then losing a bet like this to Will of all people. And here she was now, getting ready to pay up. As irritated as she was with herself, she had to admit she was intrigued to see what Will had in mind.

It had started a few days ago. Charlee and Will were having dinner. Will, as usual, was having a Diet Coke while Charlee decided on a margarita. Then a second one. She was living dangerously, having two margaritas while out with this man who she knew probably had at least a dozen different fantasies about how he wanted to get her out of her clothes. She was grateful she could trust him as he had proven to be the perfect gentleman in the few weeks they'd been seeing each other. Still, it was a bit of joke between them how much closer she got to crossing that line with Will after a margarita or two, a line she wasn't quite yet willing to breach. He loved seeing her drink them.

"So I caught the end of Pride of the Yankees on cable the other night, Charlee," Will said. "I got to see Lou Gehrig's 'Luckiest Man' speech at the end."


"It always gets to me a bit – guy was at the top of his game and just like that, dead in a couple of years. Amazing team too – Gehrig and Babe Ruth."

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