Part 4


Elizabeth Thorn

Smashwords Edition

All rights belong to Elizabeth Thorn

Copyright 2013

Adult Material

18+ Only

Author's note:

All characters depicted

in this work of fiction are

18 years of age or older.

Chapter 1

Pulling himself back out of his reverie, he focused on the new piece of fuckmeat between his legs. The one who was so desperately sucking his cock and balls, desperate to distract him from using the dildo’s and buttplugs on her inexperienced body.

“Enough dallying around,” he said with a cheer in his voice that the memories of Mascha had brought him. “Time to test drive that sweet young body of yours with some toys!”

Snapping his fingers, he pointed at the sextoys, motioning for her to go get them. Standing up, her head hung low, she collected the assortment of dildo’s and buttplugs and laid them on the bed beside him.

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