When Sean finished, they stood on opposite sides of the bed and pulled back the covers. Jase pulled off his t-shirt and tossed in on a chair. Tag stared at him with hungry eyes, and pulled his shirt over his head as well. Jase bit his lip and held back a groan. Tag had more tattoos. There were at least three new ones that he could see, tribal patterns on each pec, and a dragon, low on his left stomach, that halfway disappeared beneath his drawstring pants. Jase ended up hopping quickly into the bed, when the thought of following the dragon's tail into Tag's pants caused in him a very noticeable reaction. Sean killed the light and climbed in next to him. He scooted over till his shoulder was pressed against Jase's chest. Jase reached across Tag's body and grabbed his hand. His forehead touched the side of Tag's head. He smells like home, he thought. He squeezed Tag's hand and whispered. "Nite Tag."

"Nite Jase."



It was barely light outside, which in summer meant it was probably a little before five in the morning. Jase was sitting quietly on the area rug on the floor in Cody's room, watching Cody sleep. He was thinking about Tag and Cody. He'd been restless, tossing and turning, so he'd gone to check on Cody about an hour ago, and was still sitting here. Today marked his third morning in the Taggert household.

Tag was doing much better, Jase knew. He'd been a mess that first day, and Jase was relieved that after a couple days he seemed much more like the steady, happy old Sean that Jase had known in school. Jase knew too, that a lot of it was because he was there. He'd admitted to himself, that it wasn't just Sean who felt better because they were together. He felt better too. Like from the moment he'd hugged Tag, it had been easier to breathe.

Jase had been frequently astonished over the past days as he came to realize the depth of his feelings for Sean, which, prior to Tag's confession, he'd either been completely unaware of, or hadn't understood the significance of. He'd been attracted to Sean, which he had largely ignored before Tag kissed him, and he had thought that he loved Sean like a brother, which he was pretty sure now, was not and never had been the case.

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