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A Clone Of His Own

by Rik Hunik

Published by Rik Hunik at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 by Rik Hunik

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Chapter 1

"Ho there, Professor Sedric. Are you leaving so soon?" Skrimshaw's fat feet in their flat-soled shoes slapped loudly on the flagstones as he waddled his bulk faster down the corridor, his puffy red face shiny in the gaslight.

"Damn the gods," Sedric muttered, but as he turned to face Skrimshaw a smooth smile fronted his handsome face; it wasn't his friend he was annoyed with. "Yes, you old windbag, I'm leaving right now. I have some important experiments in my castle laboratory that require my personal attention at precise intervals. And you? Surely you are staying for the dinner." He raised one bushy white eyebrow at his chubby friend.

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