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Making Money through Social Networking


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Smashwords edition

Part 1 Image

Part 2 Public Awareness

Part 3 Websites

Part 4 Youtube

Part 5 Twitter

Part 6 Facebook

Part 7 Pinterest and Instagram

Part 8 The Effort

Part 9 The Reward


Whether you are trying to build a business, bring attention to a cause, or simply get yourself 'out there' Social Media is an essential tool that can not be overlooked. This guide gives the reader information that would cost close to 2000$ to learn from a Social Media Strategist or Specialist. I found this out the hard way 4 years ago.

Trying to get my business up and running, I was having problems getting my service noticed. I was sure that I offered something needed and of quality. It was that no one knew about what I was doing. I paid a company two thousand dollars over a two year period for something I could have done in between jobs.

This guide will examine a few tips and trick and social media outlets that a person, business, or organization can utilize to maximize image and public awareness. I will try to make it as condensed as possible and not waste time.

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