What "The Financial Plan…" has done for everyday people:

"Before, I never had money and was stressed because I never had enough for my expenses. I often had to go without necessities because I didn't have the money to purchase them. This book has helped me to realize unnecessary expenses and eliminate them. It has helped me to save, and now I have extra money."

-M.J. Harris

(mother on disability; current college student)

"I've learned money = management = opportunities. "The Financial Plan for Tip-Makers and Everyday People" has allowed me to see my money both in small or large amounts as a way to obtain anything… the smallest amounts are just as valuable as the larger ones. As a result, I used this plan to save $10,000 for the purchase of my first car!"

-Shanel Reeves

(former waitress; current retail store manager)

These are real quotes from people who volunteered to share their story. I assure you this is not a gimmick or a get rich quick scheme. It will take a little work and a little discipline, but you can gain control of your finances.

-Cornelious Jordan


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