Rock, Pirate, Ninja




By: R.A. Hobbs

Smashwords Edition


Copyright © 2013 R.A. Hobbs


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Chapter 1

Mitsuru was bored listening to Clan Leader Goemon’s self-righteous drivel. It would be easy to shove in the iPod ear buds and press play, but the way Goemon’s security guards stood and stared at him with such utter contempt, it would most likely invite a challenge. It would be a challenge Mitsuru would win of course, but he was feeling lazy today. Besides, he could sense that Goemon was finally winding down his speech and getting to the point.

“You know why you’re here?” Goemon asked.

“I suppose.”

Goemon laughed, “Aren’t you such a petulant little teenager.”

“Perhaps that’s your attraction.”

Goemon barely controlled his flinch. That almost got him, Mitsuru smirked.

One of his burly guards moved closer a few inches. “Call off your dogs.”

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