My Song Of Songs: Solomon’s Touch

By Joanna Hynes

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My Song of Songs: Solomon’s Touch

Part I

Patricia Bey Collins, known as Sheba by her close friends, stared down at the document before her, troubled. As a defense attorney, Sheba may be a novice, but in the game of life, she considered herself a pro. Still, she felt troubled by the information staring up at her, papers and photos spread over her desktop. What if she were wrong? Could she have misjudged so badly? What—

“Hey Ms. Collins.”

The voice at the door to her office prompted Sheba to glance up, a smile replacing her frown. “Hey Jackson, how are you today?”

“Fine Ms. Collins,” the office mail boy replied. He pulled a small stack of envelopes from his cart and walked into the office. “Not too bad today.”

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