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Circumstance: Destiny, fate, fortune, luck, lot. The things that happen to us in our lives.

(New World Dictionary)


I hadn’t tried the dish I might never have known how tasty shark is.

I hadn’t gotten the puppy I may not have any idea how sweet and loving dogs can be.

Circumstances determine our fate, our fortune, our lot in life. If Christine hadn’t gone shopping that day, if she hadn’t left her baby girl with her sister…

If the circumstances of our lives had been different, what would our lives be like now?

Within the pages of Circumstances we will go on two journeys. One is Christine’s journey. She will experience terror, love, happiness, loss, and renewal. She will find herself and loved ones she never knew she had. The other journey is Sarah’s. She will experience the tragic loss of her only family. She will be forced to change her own life to care for the child who is left to her. Each woman will face her own destiny, her own lot in life.

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