It was about two in the afternoon on a beautiful sunny Wednesday. I was actually visiting with my mother, making the two hour trek down to see her in Aurora, which was just east of Denver.. I lived in a small town north of Fort Collins by the name of Severance. It’s one of those towns so small that my mailing address is in the city closest to it, because even the United States Postal Service doesn’t want to make the trip.

The nature of this visit was two-fold. One, it was my mothers birthday. Being her only child and the only other member of her family, I felt obligated to attend. Two, whenever I visit her, we go shopping.

Mom always wanted to take care of me, especially with my recent change in vocation. This meant she took every opportunity to bestow upon me such things as clothing, food, toiletries, the best a self employed individual could hope for.

I guess I should explain at this point that I had quit a perfectly good meaningless job to become a writer. I had been trying my hand at it for years, but with little success at it.

About two months before, I purchased a copy of “Hey Stupid! You can Write”, one of those nationally acclaimed self help books that covered everything from addiction to nose picking. Ok, so I’m making that last one up. I read that damn book front to back numerous times, trying to incorporate the elements of good storytelling with every passing chapter.

Of course, quitting my job was Chapter Three: Limiting Distractions. Keeping a journal of my day to day life was Chapter Four, and writing what I know is part of Chapter Six. Of course, this effort in itself is actually a composite of the daily journal and writing what I know, as all of the following events are true as I have witnessed them.

Anyways, we had finished a long shopping trip. I presented Mom with a poem and one of those pocket kits, the kind you get at the bookstore that have little Bonsai trees, or voodoo dolls in them. Hers was actually some magnetic poetry. Mom smiled, hugged me, and proceeded to spend almost four hundred dollars getting me clothes and miscellaneous goodies.

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