William I (b. 1027/8, d.1087) colloquially known as William the Conqueror and William the Bastard. Born in Normandy, France he was the first Norman King of England having seized the throne in 1066 from Harold II. He ordered the first comprehensive survey of his new kingdom which is known as the Domesday Book. William died of wounds following the siege of Mantes and was buried in Normandy.

William II (b.1056, d.1100) known as Rufus was mysteriously slain by an arrow whilst out hunting in 1100. He was known for having a vicious temper and an oppressive mind; he was not mourned by his people, he had reigned from 1087 until his untimely death. He never married, had no children and was buried in Winchester.

Henry I (b.1068, d.1135) the brother of William II he holds the dubious record of being the British ruler who fathered the most children, at least 24. Four of his children drowned when the White Ship sank in 1120. He died of overeating or food poisoning in 1135 having had a mostly successful and certainly long reign of 35 years.

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