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Immortal Darkness

Book 1: Shadow Across the Land

Alex Rey

Published by Alexander Reynaud at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Alex Rey

Chapter I

The Creation of a Son

Yofel: ruler of the most powerful civilization in the world; being of great power and mystery; immortal; grandfather. Recognized as an emperor of his own land—an immortal with the power to break rocks with his bare hands—yet underestimated as an elder in his final days. No creature in the world had ever held as much strength as him—but at the same time, no creature had ever even thought to simply glimpse at his raw power.

Royal in the eyes of the Mocranians, Yofel wore many ornaments—the likes of which hung from his voluminous robes. Making up for a majority of what he wore, these red-and-purple robes contained enough silk in them to cover up a bear completely. As a result, the majority of Mocranians were led to believe he hadn’t any feet; who else could wear such robes without tripping on them constantly?

Although his empire withheld great power, no living human, plant, or animal knew about his underground world. The servants of this king—or all in sight, to be exact—would always come to his aid whenever trouble arose in their leader’s empire. Their skeletal features would wash trouble away in a sea of bone.

It was millennia before the time of Leyoht when Yofel created his son: Carpla. The quiet—yet devious—Carpla was often characterized as being the most cunning spirit in all of Mocrano. Ever since he had gained the respect from his father, Carpla took possession of many sections of Mocrano. But even then, he still stood as a footstool to the emperor.

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