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Amourisa Press and Kit Tunstall reserve all rights to TWO COWBOYS FOR CADY. This work may not be shared or reproduced in any fashion without permission of the publisher and/or author. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters are over the age of 18.

© Kit Tunstall, 2013

Smashwords Edition

After yet another heartbreak, newly dumped plus-size Cady finds herself at the local bar, where the two objects of her naughtiest fantasies just happen to hang out. When she confesses her boyfriend has been cheating and admits she can’t blame him for picking a slim young chick over her, Jace and Brody make it clear they both desire her. Cady finds herself with the tempting, and awkward, choice between the two cowboys who are both offering her a night of incredible passion. Unable to choose between them, she selects both. To her shock, awe, and amazing satisfaction, the men have no problem fulfilling her threesome fantasy. Morning-after regrets can quickly set in, leaving more questions than answers and a huge dose of regret. After all, where can a threesome lead, except to the bedroom? There’s no future in a relationship with two men…or is there?

Chapter One

Cady entered Maverick’s, still not sure why she’d chosen to come to the bar. She’d find no genuine relief from her emotions in the bottom of a pint of beer, but damned if she could think of a better idea right then. At least the place was quiet on a Wednesday night. It was still weird to be in the small bar by herself. The few times per year she ventured out to drink, she was always with her best friend. Since Ella was two thousand miles away, meeting Mr. Right in person after a three-month online relationship, she couldn’t just call her up and invite her to come along while Cady drowned her sorrows.

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