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Utter indifference to your welfare, Caesar, is matched only by ignorance of who you are.” Catullus.

The Emperors of Rome, 27 BC – AD 249

Elizabeth Warr

Volume I

The Julio-Claudians

Augustus, (reigned 27 BC-AD 14): Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, the first Roman Emperor. Octavian was adopted by his great-uncle Julius Caesar (d. 27BC) an act which accelerated his political career. He exacted revenge on Caesar’s assassins Cassius and Brutus and defeated his rivals Mark Antony and Lepidus to become Emperor in 27 BC whereupon he accepted the title Augustus and Princeps for life. He set the pattern for the emperors that followed him by limiting the power of the Senate. He married three times having a daughter, Julia with his second wife Scribonia. He adopted his step-son Tiberius, the son of his third wife Livia Drusilla.

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