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Werewolves over Vegas: Night Moves

Published by Winifred LaCroix at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Winifred LaCroix

The club was pounding, it was full on the dance floor and she could barely stand at the bar let alone order a drink, but after a good twenty minutes another glass of champagne was in her hand. Short, petite, in her mid twenties, Dawn was in Las Vegas to forget the man who had sucked the best years of her life out of her. He said she was a prude, he said she didn't put out enough, he said she just wasn't his type, he said a lot of things to justify sleeping around on her, but she decided after a particularly heated fight over his infidelities to just leave somewhere, and now she was here. A white cocktail dress that was particularly Grecian hugged her ample curves and draped over her chest in a way that she thought was sexy, but after adjusting it in the restroom three or four times she decided she was just kidding herself. Her make up was not done correctly, and her long frizzy brown hair tumbled down her back in wild curls.

She looked up to see the VIP floors and wished she had enough money to be up there, sitting. These heels, while they made her legs look long and sexy, were doing a number on her feet. She shifted her weight back and forth and drank the champagne quickly to hopefully mask the pain of her feet and her cheating boyfriend. As she was scanning the second floor she saw someone staring back at her, the green and blue lights of the club would almost miss him but when they got close she could see his silhouette. A fit tall guy in nothing but a t-shirt and pants, he had shaggy shoulder length hair that looked black from here. He was lean but muscular, and she approved of all of it. Was he staring at her? She looked around at all the girls in revealing clothing around her, trying to get drinks, trying to get on the floor, no it wasn't her. She emptied the glass and looked down into it, another sixteen dollars worth of alcohol, and her feet weren't hurting her any less. She turned back to the bar, feeling guilty that she was spending so much for a spur of the moment night out, weekend out now, she guessed, but it was worth it. For her! Dawn felt a strong hand on her shoulder and turned around to see a tall man in a suit looking back at her, was she in trouble? Already?

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