Miriam’s Fairytales

Miriam Guerrero

Copyright June 2013 Miriam Guerrero

Cover photo: Thanks to Lydia Gutierrez

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Nallely’s Fairytale

Once upon a time, there was a Nallely. She had long, black, shiny, curly hair, so beautiful and so long, it stretched down past her knees! But Nallely lived in the desert, where the heat would suck out all the moisture of her hair and left it dry at the ends

One day, she said to herself: “I must find a cure for my dry hair!” She went to tell her mother of her idea. But her mother was not so receptive.

She said to her, “Alas, child, but you cannot do it on your own! You lack a brain! We had to use it for supper two days after you were born!”

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