Dormitory Slut’s Christmas Break

by George Boxlicker

Copyright 2012 by George Boxlicker

Smashwords Edition

It was the evening of December 21, the beginning of Winter Break, which almost everybody calls Christmas Break, and Lester Logan was in something of a quandary over what he should do. For two weeks, through Sunday, January 6 of the following year, he would not be attending any of his classes at State University, which meant he would be free to do almost anything he wanted. Most of the other men in his dorm were going home to visit family, and he considered that as a possibility. However, the trip would be expensive, and his relatives have virtually disowned him because of his sexual orientation. He is gay, and they know it and consider that fact to be a terrible blot on the family name, and would far rather he try to spend as little time in their presence as he can manage.

He does have friends in his home town, and he would have liked to see some of them again, but nobody there was really close. Being a gay man, he had no straight friends he would particularly want to travel to see, and the few other gay men he knew there had moved away or partnered up among themselves. The small number who remained would be glad enough to see him, but it is well known that two is company and three is a crowd, and he knew he would be that third person when around those friends and their partners.

Staying in the dormitory over the break would have its advantages. “I could get caught up on my studying,” Lester told himself, referring to the pre-med course he was taking. “Maybe even get a little ahead, with no classes to attend and no new assignments.”

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